The Power of Persistence!

Why do I start with this line? What is it about persistence that allows to stop and become fascinated by the word and meaning? When I use to hear this line; the power of persistence, I would get excited about it's meaning. It meant that all I had to do was keep going. 

However, right after that line, people usually add something like; do the right things and do them with persistence and it will all pay off! I'm beginning to believe that most people are confused when they use this line or give advice on the subject of persistence. 

Persistence is continuing no matter what. Even if you're doing the "wrong things" or going the "wrong way" eventually you'll find your way. Most people put all kinds of stipulations when using powerful work hard and smart. Well what the hell does that even mean? How do you know you're working smart? I say work hard (without any judgement) and eventually (very quick) you'll get smarter at it. 

Many of us are not even working hard...we tend to be repetitive when working and we're fooled to think we're working hard. All I'm saying is don't forget to put the horse before the wagon! ALWAYS!! The horse before the wagon. And if nothing is happening for you, then put more horses!! Then, and only then will you know how to adjust and thus become smarter at it.