What is a commission? A commission is simply a different way of saying a custom piece.


NEW!  Name Your Price Commissions!

With Name Your Price Commissions, you simply pay what the painting is worth to you!


If you love my artwork, and have been wanting a commission painting by me…then you’re going to love this!


I’ve been an artist for over 20 years and I’ve sold thousands of paintings! During this time, I’ve also noticed that many people who have expressed wanting an original painting commission (fancy arty word for Custom Piece) by me, have gotten discouraged once they find out the price. A 16x20 inches oil on canvas painting commission retails for $1,500  As you can see not everyone who loves my artwork can purchase it at these prices.

I was sad to find out that due to the higher prices of a commission art piece - owning an one by a professional artist is many times out of reach for many people. And unfortunately many people who really love my artwork!  

I didn’t like that feeling! I believe that people who truly love my art should be able to afford a commission painting by me!

I’ve heard many times now, how people love my work and have wanted a commission by me, but unfortunately they cannot afford it!

So, I’ve after all this time…I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands!

This may sound totally irrational, and in fact many of my friends and people who know me have told me that I’ve may just completely lost it!

However, even against the negative criticism; I’ve decided to move forward with this.

If you are a person who loves my artwork and want a commissioned painting by me at the price you desire, now you can!

I will do a commission painting for you and you get to name the price! YES! You heard me right! You get to decide what is worth to you.



The painting will measure 16x20 inches (Retail Value: $1,500) 

Will be painted with oil on stretched canvas. On a classic 1" thick wooden stretcher. (Unframed) 

Commission means you get to decide the theme of the painting.

This could be anything from; a portrait, pet portrait, vacation home, favorite place, favorite memory, or simply something you love that I’ve painted before.

To get started: Simply send me a pic of what you’d like created or a short description of the idea/theme.

I will paint it, send you a picture, and if you absolutely love it…simply name the price its worth to you.

I will send you an invoice via PayPal for the amount you chose. (You don't need to have a PayPal account to complete your transaction).

Painting will shipped 3 weeks after being painted (to allow drying time).

There is no minimum price. You get to decide the price!

Due to the large demand of this offer, I can only do this for a small number of people and for a short limited time. So if you want your place secured; Act NOW!

Send me a message or pic t via IG or email me at:

I will also cover the shipping! (shipping available only in the contiguous United States).

This offer is only valid to people living in the contiguous United States.


It is my deepest desire that I bring joy to as many people as possible. I think good Karma is very important!