Resisting The Temptation of Being Too Fancy From The Start!

As artists we're all about images! However we tend to get lost in the idea of a perfect self-image and this may cause us to not move forward. I remember doing this when I first started working towards my art career. I wanted everything to look nice and perfect. This idea came from the notion that if everything was elegant and clean cut, designer-like - I was going to be perceived more valuable and thus my artwork too...and as a result; sell artwork at higher prices. 

This sounds good all and all...however it really only sounds good in theory. When we're starting out; one of our invisible stoppers is exactly that - getting too fancy and picky too soon. Next time you're ready to take on a project, music gig, or marketing piece ask yourself; 'I'm I being too picky...too quick?' and then listen to your gut.