What I've Learned About Painting a Still Life - Oil Painting Tips!

Alright, so when it comes to painting still lifes...it's pretty much like painting anything else. Many people have the idea that a still life, a landscape, or a portrait is all too different. And they have reason to believe that - because almost everybody agrees with this notion. I believe that this idea is not necessarily true, in fact; I believe is wrong and can be very missleading to a new or even a seassoned artist. While a portrait may requiremore likeness to the subject in some instances (depending on style of artist) - painting a still life should be the same as painting a landscape. I believe that artists who have not reached a certain maturity in they're work...cannot see this. Do this, next time you're going to paint, don't think about it and paint any subject under the sun. You'll find out that if you don't attach thought to it - you wont notice the difference.