The Price of Inspiration!

Today I realized once again that nothing comes easy or free for that matter! So on that note I asked myself what is the price of artistic inspiration? Yes! What do I or you have to pay as an artist in order to be or feel inspired. It didn't took me long to realize that inspiration is not a given and in order for me to be inspired I had to do something to get me there. For example, one of the very first things I do every morning - is that I just start sketching or creating small plein air type of painting studies. This insures that I get in the groove of painting. I don't usually like it when I get feels like work (because it is), and I know that it is an exercise that I have to do daily in order to get in the groove and start producing more and larger works with that great feeling or inspiration. So, ask yourself are you willing to pay the price of admission - that is of inspiration. This price is just to get in the game.