How To Find Inspiration If You're An Artist

The question of 'how do you get your inspiration' has always bugged me. I've heard it over and over thru all of my art career. I never knew how to answer that and it never sat well with me. When people (especially artists) asked me that question, I knew they were being nice and trying to have a conversation but I also knew that they thought I was some kind of magical being that was born talented and inspiration came to me like something out of a romantic movie.

The idea of inspiration is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the art world. Here's why; because it make you (the artist) believe that inspiration will come to you and then you will get to work. But inspiration does not work that way!! You see the idea that inspiration comes to the artist is a diluted idea that makes you believe that you don't have to do anything and that somehow you're simply blessed to receiving it without giving something for it. And Although, I believe that inspiration is a blessing it only comes to you by working.

In other words, inspiration is like energy. You will have more energy the more you move. That's why an athlete has more energy than someone sitting on a couch all day watching TV. In the same way, inspiration comes to those who take action. Like in the words of Chuck Close; 'Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up'.

So next time you find  your self without inspiration, please know that it is perfectly normal. You will only receive it by taking constant action.

I hope this helped unveil this often misunderstood concept and you can finally get yourself into the studio and reap the benefits of simply showing up.